October 13, 2016


Call TimeframeInstitutionDuration of FundingAmount of FundingConditionsLinks
for 2013 / 2014: autumn 2012 till not specifiedAlfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S.1 - 2 years920 euro p.m.students from eastern europe / students from germany who seek to do research in eastern europehere
not specifiedArbeigeberverbaende Ruhr / Westfalennormal duration of studies500 euro p.m.Passing the selection procedure and studying an accepted field of study (engeneering / law / information technology)here
April and OctoberArthur und Aenne Feindt-Stiftungnot specifiednot specifiedfield of study: energy supply, nutrition, living conditionshere
1 June to 15 JulyBayer Stiftungenup to 1 yeardepending on costsonly funding medical and pharmalogical studieshere
04.15. every yearBayerisch-Franzoesisches Hochschulzentrum (BFHZ)uo to 3 monthup to 250 euro p.m.only funding studies in francehere
different for every purpose of the fundingBayerisches Hochshulzentrum fuer Chinadependingdepending on costsfunding bavarian students going to china (internships, studies, BA/MA and Phd etc.)here
not specifiedBayerisches Staatsministerium fuer Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunstone time pay100 - 400 eurofunding poor students in bavariahere
not specifiedBCCG Foundationone time paynot specifiedfunding studies in foreign countries for german or british students to study in germany or britianhere
10.31.2013Bildung in Neuseelandas long as studies will take2500 p.m. (approximatly) - half of the semester costsFunding half of the costs per semester at the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) in Newzealandhere
12.31.2014Buergermeister Dr. h. c. Max Brauer Stiftungone time pay2500 - 5000 eurofunding of work concerning aspects of industry, society and ecology in relation to the transport systems around Hamburg or science that could relate to thathere
not specifiedCLAAS Stiftungone time pay / 12 monthup to 8700 euro (all in all)funding of a bachelor thesis in the field of agriculture or something related to agriculturehere
1 March / 1 SeptemberCusanuswerk e.V.normal duraton of studiesup to approx. 1400 euro p.m.only funding gifted catholic students. Field of study is NOT relevanthere
not specifiedDeutsch Franzoesisches Jugendwerk (DFJW)not specifiednot specifiedfunding everything related to francehere
no specific dateDeutsche Bildungup to 3 yearsup to 25.000 euro (all in all)funding has to be returned after studies and when working has startet (!!!!) but no restrictions on subject of studyhere
no specific dateDeutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)duration of internshipdepending on internshipfunding internships in foreign countrys for german studentshere
no specific dateDeutscher Akademnischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)depending on fundingdepending on fundingfunding studies in foreign countries in various ways independent of field of studyhere
2/27/2013Dt. Albertus Magnus Verein e.V.one time payup to 5000 euro grant!funding catholic students close to finishing their studies. Loan without interest (!)here
not specifiedEidam & Partnerup to 6 month450 euro p.m.funding internships and studies in foreign coutrys for students in german universitys etc.here
no specific dateErich Becker Stiftungone time payup to 3000 for MA thesis, more for dissertation or habilitationfunding MA thesis, dissertations and habilitations with moneyhere
not specifiedEvangelisches Studienwerk e.V. Villigstduration of studiesup to 735 euro p.m.only funding (exeptions allowed) evangelic or anglicanic students from the EUhere
not specifiedFulbright Kommissionnot specifiedup to 31.000 euro / dollarfunding the MA of german students in the USA, as well as their living and traveling expenseshere
not specifiedGOstralia!-GOzealand! Studienberatung Australien & Neuseelandone time pay1.000 - 10.000 depending on funding shemefunding a foreign study-abroad-semester for german students in australia or newzealandhere
1-NovHaniel Stiftung2 years72.150 (all in all)funding a master program at the Kennedy school of government in Harvardhere
15 january / 15 julyHans Seidel Stiftungnot specified585 (depending)funding gifted students (foundation is close to the CSU Party - ideological selection process can be expected)here
30 september / 28 februaryHans Boeckler Stiftungnot specifiedup to 585funding gifted german students (foundation close to the labour union)here
1. march / 1. septemberHeinrich Boell Stiftungnot specifiedup to 750 eurofunding for gifted students (close to the Buendnis 90 die Gruenen party - ideological prequisits: ecological thinking, pacifism, solidarity and democracy) not only for german students!!here
not specifiedKarl Juengel Stiftungnot specifiednot specifiedfunding gifted students studying in northrhein-westphaliahere
1. march / 1. septemberKoelner Gymnasial und Stiftungsfondsnormal duration of studiesdependingfunding gifted students from everywhere in every field of studyhere
not specifiedPeter Fuld Stiftungnot specifiednot specifiedfunding gifted studens from everywhere in every field of study (especially ethnical minorities)here
30.04 / 31.10Rosa Luxemburg Stiftungnot specifiedup to 597 euro p.m. + 150 euro p.m.funding gifted students from everywhere. Political foundation of the Linkspartei. Political simliarities wantedhere
not specifiedStiftung fiat panisnot specifiednot specifiedfunding visits in developing countries for people who write a thesis about these countrieshere
1-AprStiftung Industrieforschungspecialnot specifiedfunding the exchange of african and german students in different fields of study (special program)here
dependingStudienstiftung des deutschen Volkesdependingdependingfunding students of every branch in different ways: definetly worth a look everytime!here